Curious What Your Experience Will Be Like?


Revolution Counseling & Wellness is a private practice located in the River West area of Chicago. When you make an appointment, you’ll meet with the founder, Daria Hoey at their private office. Prior to the first session, you’ll need to fill out the necessary intake forms, which you can find here. We also suggest perusing our fees page and contacting your insurance company if applicable.

During your first appointment, you’ll discuss your intake forms and what brought you to Revolution. Over the next few sessions, you’ll discuss your current situation further and develop a therapy plan with Daria.

The therapy sessions will include a combination of talk therapy, learning mindfulness tactics and coping mechanisms, practicing these tactics, and potentially incorporating some art informed therapy if that interests you. Take-home skills practice is optional based on your preference as well.

Please plan to pay any co-pay you might have at the beginning of the session. We like to get the business out of the way first so we can concentrate on you.



Revolution’s office is located at 833 W Chicago Ave. Once you arrive, you’ll buzz Suite 510 and take the elevator to the 5th Floor where the office is located. If you are more than 10 minutes early, please wait in the lobby area on the 1st floor until it is time for your appointment. You’re welcome to sit at the desk and chair provided.

The office is spacious, comfortable, and well-lit. There will be coffee, tea, and water available during the session and there is a restroom located on the same floor for your convenience.

For parking information and directions, please click here.

If you’re ready to book your first appointment, please contact us.